Crestone is located in the San Luis Valley in south central Colorado, about 200 miles south of Denver and 200 miles north of Sante Fe.  A century ago, Crestone was a booming mining town with gold and silver mining as its mainstay. The residents of our community are here now for various reasons.  The first and most obvious reason is the sheer beauty and pureness of the valley and mountains and the absence of commercialization. We don't even have a traffic light! Second, many are here because of the presence of a spiritual or religious group to which they belong.  Some are here just to be in a lifestyle conducive to calmness and solitude.  Visit the ashram, monastery, Buddhist Centers, Tibetan Stupa, and other places of interest. The setting is a sandy, cactus and sagebrush filled, high altitude (8000 feet) desert landscape.  Mule deer roam freely in the residential area and we frequently see other wildlife.
Some of the things to do and see in the Crestone area.
National Forest
Zapata Falls
Zapata Golf
Outfitters & Guides
Baca Grande Golf Course
Joyful Journeys Hot Springs
Tibetan Stupa
Carmelite Monastery
Valley View Hot Springs
Snowcat Tours
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